Have you ever wanted to travel so bad but your friends just can’t seem to find time? Have you ever wanted to try traveling solo but was afraid you’d be lost somewhere? Have you ever wanted to travel so much that you’ve tried traveling solo but figure sometimes it’s best to be with people you can go to when you need help?

Well, that’s what group travels are for. I, myself was blind to these until a few months ago when I was tracking the first GT group. I’ve always wanted to travel but unfortunately, no one wanted to come with me (either I’m just too adventurous for them or I probably snore) so my excitement got buried when I found that there are actual travel groups where you can go with a bunch of people you may not know but will at least be able to socialize with.

The benefits of a group travel are:

  • First of all, the expenses of your traveling will probably be lesser because traveling with more people lowers rates to islands, hotels and even transportation.
  • Meet and greet new people.
  • Learn from other travelers.
  • Group travels provide a lot of information – from the place itself, from your co-travelers.
  • No more waiting around for your friends to find time for you and your travels.
  • Someone to take a picture of you if ever you’re alone.
  • Social nights, drinking and getting to know people in a different place.
  • Culture exploration, since you’re not with your usual crowd, you get to explore more.
  • Influences from other more adventurous people.
  • If you’ve never traveled alone, technically, when you’re with a bunch of people you don’t know, yes you’re now officially traveling alone. Congratulations!
  • You feel that thrive to travel and rush of excitement for adventure.

I guess that’s one of the best things I got since I started group traveling – I have this irresistible urge to travel, to experience new things and be open to new adventures.

If your other friends are too busy…then join me!

Brenna is the sole owner of The Philippine Travelogue, an online journal of her travel adventures and experiences. Brenna is a freelance writer, online marketing and social media specialist and a blogger with a constant itch for adventure and thrill. For inquiries, suggestions and invitations please send a message.

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