We woke up at about 5am I think, a bit late for our van ride which was to leave at 6am. We quickly packed our bags and walked a little out of the inn until a tricycle stopped for us. It was really sad leaving El Nido, but I guess it was time. Within 5 minutes, we were at the Poblacion terminal where the vans and buses leave. Unfortunately, the van we were supposed to ride in was full – well, actually, not really, we could’ve easily taken our places with them but some people had already reserved their seats the night before. So, instead of waiting around and ruin our itinerary, we took the bus.

Yes, the public, open air bus that probably isn’t the best choice especially if you have nice, soft hair. The bus ride takes about 6-7 hours from El Nido to Puerto Princesa, less if they only had less stops. Our first stop was at a junction in Roxas with carinderias and dirty bathrooms. By the time we had stopped there, my hair was like dirty strands of broom and I had to tie my hair just to keep it from being damaged more.

We ate lunch at the stopover and the bus arrived about 30 minutes later so we were already late.

I don’t actually remember how many stops we really had, but I know it was more than 2 or 3 stops – making the trip longer and more exhausting than our van ride had been.

The good thing was though, we only spent P300 – P200 less than what we should’ve spent.

We arrived at Puerto Princesa at around 2.30pm, which was about 2 hours later than our expected time of arrival. We were supposed to go directly to our Puerto Princesa city tour but when we arrived at Puerto Princesa, we were completely drained of energy and we felt so dirty that we decided to find our accommodation before heading to our city tour.

We were reserved to Albon’s Pension but unfortunately, our reservation was also not honored the same way in El Nido so we had to go look for another place to stay. Luckily, our guide, Kuya Allan was a great help as he suggested another accommodation – Audissie’s Pension.

There weren’t any other rooms in Audissie’s Pension except for their Family Room which was P1,500 per night. We were able to lower the rate down to P1200 for the family room and then transfer to the double room the next night when Ate Cath was scheduled to leave a day earlier than we were.

The Family room Audissie had for us was located a ground below the actual hotel. The room was huge – I mean it, it was twice the size of Og’s Pension’s 6 pax room and it was air conditioned. There were 2 double beds, a couch, a cupboard, table and mirror and TV. That’s not the only thing, the Family room was composed of two parts, the front door lead directly to the kitchen, the bathroom and the dining room and there was a door that lead to the room.

We took 5 minute showers, just to remove the dust from our hair and got dressed as quick as we could.

We went to meet Kuya Allan at 3:00pm for our Puerto Princesa tour.

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